International Village '09 - 08/18/09

This year's International Village was held at Renzie Park in Mckeesport, PA on Aug 18-20. This was the 50th Anniversary of the village.

Our parish has participated in the village for nearly all of those 50 years!

We are grateful to all of our parish family who turned out to help this year. Those who came earned the benefits that fellowship and stewardship have to offer in return for a little of their time and talents.

Although the rain dampened our sales on the second day, it did not dampen our enthusiasm!

Men's Club members and supporters assemble the booth on Friday evening.
Men's Club members and supporters assemble the booth on Friday evening.
Done in record time!
A small work crew fills and rolls palchinke
Committee Co-Chairs Protinica Joann and Dee Dee Baskot plan for success
Still filling palachinke!
Day 1 - Open for business
The crowd begins to lineup
Keely Miller and Mary Magdic shout orders to workers in the back
President Steve Kracinovsky giving orders to grill master Marc Mrvos
Kevin Bratkowski learns how to grill the perfect hot dog from Dan Vranesevic
More hungry people
Mike Cervo takes the afternoon shift grilling sausages
Friends share a story over a well-deserved break
Larissa Crnkovich rushes to fill a big order
Dan Vranesevic telling one of his tales
Denise Pochan on her way to make change while daughter Melissa and friend Evan Gummo work the counter
Nicole Belich and Larissa Crnkovich smile for the camera
Ruben Trbovich explains why the Serbian booth has the best food in the village
Marc Mrvos tends the hot sausage
The kitchen crew waits for more dirty dishes to arrive from the village
George Pilipovich makes sure the electric roasters are clean for the next day
Workers break for lunch in the Church hall
No matter how many pots Don Vojnovich scrubs, they just keep piling up
Joanne Vidnovic prepares Halushki for Day 3
Mike Vranesevic has plenty of supervision while cleaning the lamb slicer
Grateful for the sunshine
Hoping the rain holds off
A tired crew waits for the Village to come to an end
Fireworks signal an early end to Village due to a threat of storms
Hungry, hungry crowds buy up all that we have to sell
A grand finale